About Us


Our Story

Sir Studios was founded in Istanbul in 2020 with the dream of building the future of gaming. We started our journey with better solutions and aim to bring together individuals with great individual abilities, who care about the team spirit, and who act by the values of Sir Studios to bring out the highest quality results.

We are always focusing on performing quality jobs in the field of gaming while taking confident steps towards our big dreams. We aim to build a new world that will bring people together through playing games, which is a phenomenon far from age, gender, and other decencies.


Our Values

Work with Fun

Feel the fun while working and perform better!

Be Responsible and Polite

Achieve success by communicating well with your teammates!

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Remember that you will achieve success with team spirit!

Build Open and Honest Relationships

Remember that strong relationships will open the door to perfect work!

Create Fun and Difference

Entertainment brings difference and difference brings quality.

Be Adventurous and Creative

Being creative is the most important key to success.

Be Humble

Humility leads to success.

Be Passionate and Determined

Perseverance, determination and hard work bring success.

Do more with less

Being creative sometimes means making less effort.

A Journey in Pursuit of Our Dreams

Acting with the approach of providing more successful solutions in the following years, Sir Studios always aims for better quality with professionals who have gone on a successful journey in pursuit of their dreams. Growing up, moving forward, and constantly entertaining excite us as expressions that best describe our journey!