Our Team
If you've got the best people in the right positions, they will tell you what is needed and how to get there. If you don't, chances are you are going nowhere. Too often, company leaders focus on what the company needs to do. They develop a vision and spend time on strategy before they give any thought to who is going to implement their grand plans. But the truth is that the people who work for you are where the rubber meets the road.

Atahan Sır

Founder - CEO


Art department is all responsible for developing the look and feel of the in-game assets, involved in the game development process right from the concept stage and are responsible for the quality, continuity and the aesthetics of the game.

Özgür Karagöz

Art Team Lead

Serdar Balçık

3D Artist

Ulaş Yücepur

3D Artist

İsmail Hakkı Aras

3D Artist


When kicking off a new software development project, naturally we all intend for it to be a success. But in order to be one you have to rely on a strong core — your software development team.


Eren Demirel

Software Developer

Burak Ekmekçi

Game Developer

Erhan Çimen

Game Developer


In a leadership role, game designers are like movie directors, defining the style and ensuring consistency of the game's look and feel. They are the visionaries, but they also have to come up with an exciting story that will produce good gameplay.

M. Ramazan Yılancı

Level Designer


Marketing teams are central to business success. They are tasked with everything from building awareness of your brand, promoting products or services, and providing customer service and engagement in public forums.


Product teams are small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that work to achieve the common outcome of creating an exceptional digital product. At Sir, we structure these product teams to get work done as quickly and effectively as possible. They rely on the collective talent of each individual.


Our human resources strategy involves the recruitment of competent, well-educated employees who are open to change, adopt sustained development as a principle, and assume responsibility, and establishing a structure which provides highest level of employee satisfaction and engagement, shares the organization’s growth strategies, and where skilled human resources are willing to work at.

Havva Yılmaz

Office Assistant


The finance department team provides critical information to the company's leadership for effective management. The department provides insights and feasibility reports that inform management's judgments that are pertinent to the company's needs.


Metin Doğrugören

Finance and Purchasing Manager